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Entropia review


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Mar 2, 2020

Ive been using the hack for 6 months or so and my review is that works pretty well in some heroes, specially hitscans -cree, ashe, widow, tracer, and also zarya or dva- with the proper config, and thats something that can be frustrating in the first weeks, because depends on your dpi. And what we want is get a config that doesnt make the aimbot too obvious, and in my experiencie takes time. A negative point is the tracking throught walls, makes it really obvious that you are using hacks in the enemy's replay, so you have to learn to set properly the FOV and still it will track trought walls. and last, heroes that have smaller hitbox will cause the headshot if Y axis is set to 8-9 to aim to the head, to whif, so you will have to jump and shot instead shotting or it will whiff.... kinda wierd. But if you use it with the heroes i said in the begining is a good tool. 7/10