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NERF THIS! QoL suggestions/requests


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Nov 14, 2021
The aimbot is really solid, the ESP works as well, but a few quality of life changes would be amazing. Don't get me wrong it does its job great as an aimbot/esp at a fair price range!

Having hero names on the ESP would be nice, also could do with visibility checks. I Know since its external that's harder, but should still be-doable i'd imagine. The aimbot could try to auto-adjust the height off-set if it has the hero names. I have to often manually shoot ana's on widow because of her hunchback lol.

I've done some super jank external memory reading stuff on other games so I know it can be a weird round-about process to get the info you want and then display it in a more presentable manner to the user. Way back in the early days of league of legends I would look for .troy (animation files) files being played & then draw an icon in the jungle where the animation was played (Knew where based on the animation file name) to keep track of enemy jungler. Random tangent just wanted to say i can relate and appreciate what youve done so far in terms of the ESP being external

At the same time if that's not in the scope of your project thats totally cool too as it's still the best OW product at its price range and i have no complaints only want to see it be even better.
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