Entropia memory aimbot — Online / Undetected (Updated 02/18/2021 for lastest OW version)
    NERF THIS! memory multihack — Online / Undetected (Updated 02/18/2021 for lastest OW version)

NERF THIS! Nerf This! Best bot I've used


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Jan 5, 2020
A friend of mine from the WoW botting community recommended this to me as I wanted to get back in to Overwatch. I bought the trial, then eventually bought the monthly package.

I've used this bot for about 3 days, hands down; it is fcking amazing.

- It is extremely simple to setup, there is a bit of tweaking, but nothing too complex
- The accuracy of the bot is superb, you can slide the humanizer to determine how freaky you want to be in games which is great
- The ESP/see behind walls is really well designed and helps with target selection
- Phony; the guy managing the Entropia forums is a great guy, very receptive and quick to message back with questions

I rate this 10/10

Side note: I tried out another bot that was advertised in the ownedcore forums, I won't say the name but it comes with a $100 price tag (monthly) and it wasn't as a good as this. Took over 3 hours to setup and when it was setup, it still wasn't as good.

You really get what you pay for.
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Apr 20, 2020
Support is excellent too. Always some idiots complain, but Iamprophony replies instantly to any of my issues.