Entropia memory hack — Online / Undetected (updated 09/20/2023)


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Entropia Basic My thoughts on Entropia


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Jul 31, 2020
First of all, I'm rather new to the Overwatch cheating scene, so take this all with a grain of salt as I may have rose tinted glasses when it comes to Entropia.

Tracking Aimbot ★★★★★
The tracking aimbot is definitely one of the strongest parts of Entropia, it performs incredibly well on Heroes such as Soldier, Zarya and Tracer.

If you naturally have decent aim, this can compensate for any flaws you may have and up your gameplay tenfold.
If you're rage cheating or legit cheating the track bot will always do the job, now previously it seemed to have a few issues however with the update this morning it seems like that has either fixed itself or it was fixed manually, either way, it's now at a standard where I can say it's 5/5 stars.

Flick Aimbot ★★★
Now the flick aimbot isn't bad by any means, it does the job, however assuming you're playing mostly McCree, Ashe, etc with the Flick Bot it will have a few issues primarily being static Y Offset, now this is unavoidable to my knowledge, due to Hero height differences it's hard to get that perfect Y offset so it'll be a headshot every time, does this make it bad? No.

Overall, it does the job, but it could do it better.

Menu ★★★★
It's clean, it's simple, and the tooltips are very useful for new cheaters such as myself, you can't fault much on it apart from maybe the numbers being too limited in some cases such as the Horizontal value on tracking aimbot being limited to 80, why not just make it 100 to round it up?

Customisation ★★★★
With the newly implemented flick correction I bumped this from 3 to 4 stars, there's nothing special with the customisation, it's all pretty generic with most memory cheats, you can look completely legit almost impossible to tell from a human or you can look like a bot tracking people without missing a bullet, it's up to you.

Optimisation ★★★★
I must say, out of all the cheats I've used (even if that's very few) Entropia seems to be one of, if not the best optimised one.
My frames never deviate from my average without using a cheat.

Just perfect for cheating even on low-spec computers.