Entropia Hack Review


New member
Feb 28, 2020
Hello guys, I have been usıng this hack for plenty amount of time.

Let me begin by saying I play mostly Soldier 76 and Doomfist/Mcree, and I somehow could not manage the flick bot ever so I only use the tracking part of the hack.

I could say that the only thing that has missing is the bone aiming, when you try to hit a WB or a Tracer you, when they move your mouse kind of snips to the top of their head, is kind of problem because you cannot actually aim and since the bot has not developed in the complex way you can snap a Reinhardt and never get off your mouse again for another target.

Smart Aiming is the missing factor, HOWEVER, considering the price of the hack for its competitors it is by far the best and why I use it.

Overall Score:

7/10 Aiming
8/10 Gui/Interface
10/10 Price

Hope it helps,