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Entropia Extended Entropia Extended hack review.


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Entropia Extended
Oct 20, 2021
Hello everyone, I would like to share my opinion / feedback about this product and service.

Firstly about product (i'm extended version user but i think the part about aimbot will be valid for the basic version as well).

  • Fairly cheap;
  • Very easy to get started. Not need to install a bunch of additional software or disable something in the BIOS and so on;
  • Easy to set up. For me was simple to understand what is what. It took maybe 10-15 minutes in training room and aim map to find perfect speed settings according my DPI and in-game sensitivity;
  • Aimbot works quite well. Just basic aimbot with 2 modes: tracking and flick. I mostly play soldier and widow and that's enough for me. You can use it like aim-assist or like rage mode (dont forget that there is ban reports in OW) or something in between, all depends from speed and FOV values;
  • ESP is so good. Very useful thing, helps with understanding the situation on the map, and also helps to level out some of the shortcomings of the aimbot. A lot of settings to make it look like you want.

Most of the shortcomings, as I understand it, are related to the fact that the hack is external.

  • Only hitscan heroes. So, you cant to use it with hanzo and junk, etc because there isnt prediction in hack.
  • No headshots for tall heroes. Hack dont know what hero in front of you, so it cant shoot in head of all heroes. It shoots in aim point, what you chose.
  • Aim through walls. Yes, if you will hold aim button fulltime it will aim through walls, because there isnt wall-check. But, it's not a problem if you have ESP (Extended version) because you know where enemy is.

Service and Support:

Key usually arrives in 2-3 minutes after payment. Even if something went wrong, support will always help. Questions, technical problems or requests on HWID reset usually resolved from a few minutes to several hours.
Updates are released almost immediately after the update of the game. Usually 1-2 hours after the update, and if the downtime was long, then the developers will reimburse wasted time.

Summing up, I can recommend this product for purchase. It is definitely worth money. Especially if you just want to play some fun with your friends over the weekend or boost your rankings a bit.