Entropia memory hack — Online / Undetected (updated 05/30/2024)


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Entropia Extended ENTROPIA vs NERF THIS


May 26, 2021
Entropia is a simple aimbot. It works well and gets the job done, but it takes some trial and error to get it working super effectively.

NERF THIS has the aimbot with finer controls (though it's missing the ability to save profiles like you have in Entropia), and also has ESP - a wall-hack sort of thing that puts an indicator on enemies, i.e. a box around them that you can see at all times (or on your allies if you have it set to target allies, for Ana for example). If you want to never get ambushed again, land every prefire etc. NERF is for you for sure.

NERF also shows you the radius around your crosshair that will trigger the aimbot. So there's a circle around your crosshair, and a dot on enemies. When that dot is within the circle and you click the aim key, it will target the dot (and the ESP box of the person you're targeting changes color, which is a very nice feature to always see exactly who you're aiming at.